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Oxford Pubs

Oxford Pubs gives a unique and fascinating insight into some of Oxfords famous and infamous pubs, taverns and inns.


Total price : £14.99
in Foyles for books
The Task of the Cleric: Cartography, Translation, and Economics in Thirteenth-Century Iberia

In The Task of the Cleric, Simone Pinet considers the composition of the Libro de Alexandre in the context of cartography, political economy, and tran…


Total price : £38.99
in Foyles for books
Live at the Fillmore East and West: Getting Backstage and Personal with Rocks Greatest Legends

Now in Paperback! From the Allman Brothers Band to Frank Zappa, and through the interweaving lives of Bill Graham, Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, and C…


Total price : £12.95
in Foyles for books
Doctors beyond Borders: The Transnational Migration of Physicians in the Twentieth Century

Doctors beyond Borders provides an essential historical perspective on the transnational migration of health care practitioners.


Total price : £31.99
in Foyles for books
Articulating Dinosaurs: A Political Anthropology

An original and illuminating study of science, culture, and museums, Articulating Dinosaurs is a remarkable look at not just how we visualize the preh…


Total price : £27.99
in Foyles for books
Rembrandt. The Painter Thinking

This gorgeously illustrated book explores how Rembrandt achieved mastery by systematic exploration of the foundations of the art of painting.


Total price : £32.97
in Foyles for books
Breaking Negative Thinking Patterns: A Schema Therapy Self-Help and Support Book

Breaking Negative Thinking Patterns is the first schema-mode focused resource guide aimed at schema therapy patients and self-help readers seeking to …


Total price : £17.75
in Foyles for books
Alexander the Great in the Middle Ages: Transcultural Perspectives

Alongside studies of the Alexander legend in medieval and early modern Latin, English, French, German, and Persian, Alexander the Great in the Middle …


Total price : £41.99
in Foyles for books
A Short History of the Middle Ages, Volume I: From c.300 to c.1150

Barbara H. Rosenweins bestselling survey text continues to stand out by integrating the history of three medieval civilizations (European, Byzantine, …


Total price : £30.99
in Foyles for books
Veiled Figures: Women, Modernity, and the Spectres of Orientalism

In Veiled Figures, Teresa Heffernan explores how the clash of civilizations is perpetuated by the rhetoric of veiling and unveiling.


Total price : £31.99
in Foyles for books
Click and Kin: Transnational Identity and Quick Media

The essays in Click and Kin span the globe, examining transnational connections that touch in the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, Pakistan, and …


Total price : £16.99
in Foyles for books
God Wants to Bless You!: How to Experience the Unconditional Goodness of God

Pastor Chae Ahn reveals ten biblical blessings to proclaim in prayer that will unleash Gods presence, purpose, and abundance in your life--


Total price : £5.99
in Foyles for books
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