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Minimus Pupil's Book: Starting out in Latin by Barbara Bell (Paperback, 1999)
A lively introduction to Latin for children aged 7 and over Join in the fun with Minimus - a mix of myths stories grammar support and historical backg...

Total price : £16.49
Frida Kahlo : 'I Paint my Reality'
Born in Mexico in 1907 Frida Kahlo learned about suffering at an early age She fell victim to polio at the age of six and was then seriously hurt in a...

Total price : £6.99
Chanel: Collections and Creations Hardcover - Illustrated, 23 July 2007
Chanel's combination of tradition originality and style has always made it the most seductive of brands Here the House of Chanel opens its private arc...

Total price : £20.49
Geoffrey Bawa : The Complete Works
Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa born 1919 fused local construction traditions with modern forms and sensibility to create harmonious and pleasurabl...

Total price : £31.99
The Leadership Pipeline: How to Build the Leadership Powered Company by James Noel, Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter (Hardback,...
An updated and revised version of the bestselling The Leadership Pipeline the critical resource for how companies can grow leaders from the inside In ...

Total price : £15.99
Magnum Magnum
Here is the popular yet complete paperback edition of the hugely acclaimed Magnum Magnum which was an instant sellout on first publication in 2007 It ...

Total price : £17.99
Islamic Geometric Design by Eric Broug (Hardback, 2013)
Islamic geometric designs are admired worldwide for their beauty and marvellous intricacy yet in truth they are seldom understood Indeed their complex...

Total price : £25.99
Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard (Paperback, 1994)
The first full-length translation in English of an essential work of postmodernismThe publication of Simulacra et Simulation in 1981 marked Jean Baudr...

Total price : £12.99
How to Draw Like a Fashion Designer:Inspirational Sketchbooks
This is a beginners step-by-step guide to drawing like a fashion designer The book is aimed at young people who are keen to learn how to draw fashion ...

Total price : £12.49
Sappho by Sappho (Paperback, 2012)
These hundred poems and fragments constitute virtually all of Sappho that survives and effectively bring to life the woman whom the Greeks consider to...

Total price : £16.49
Crown Jewels
The Tower of London has over two million visitors a year with the Crown Jewels as its centrepiece This paperback edition of the official illustrated h...

Total price : £11.99
Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used, Third Edition by Peter Block (Hardback, 2011)
This Third Edition to Peter Block's Flawless Consulting addresses business changes and new challenges since the second edition was written ten years a...

Total price : £41.49
Magnum Contact Sheets
This exceptional book published here in an accessibly priced paperback format comes out just as the shift to digital photography threatens to render t...

Total price : £26.99
Death: A Graveside Companion Hardcover - Illustrated, 26 Oct. 2017
Death is an inevitable fact of life Throughout the centuries humanity has sought to understand this sobering thought through art and ritual The theme ...

Total price : £23.49
The Little Book That Still Beats the Market by Joel Greenblatt (Hardback, 2010)
In 2005 Joel Greenblatt published a book that is already considered one of the classics of finance literature In The Little Book that Beats the Market...

Total price : £13.49
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